Bathmate Pump Review

Bathmate Pump Review

The Three Bathmate Penis Pumps

If you haven’t heard of Bathmate you’re really missing out. Bathmate creates amazing penis pumps, and as of right now they offer a total of three different choices, making it easier for men to get the right pump for their needs.

With the continual use of the penis pump men can see an increase in the firth and the length of their penis as well as increase stamina, more intimate encounters, more confidence and longer sessions, among a multitude of other benefits, too.

The Three Bathmate Pumps Compared

The three penis pump available are the Hercules, the hydromax x30 and the Hydromax x40. Let’s take a look at each of those pumps. These pumps all offer different features but they all help achieve the same goal –they help make the penis bigger. Let’s take a closer look at each of these pumps.

Bathmate Hercules; the Hercules is the most popular of the three penis pump models. It is the most affordable and enables a man to achevied a penis as much a two inches greater in size.

Bathmate Hydromax x30 is similar in style to the Hercules model but it has many additional features sure to be appreciated. It offers 30 times the penis enhancing power than the Hercules and it also larger for men who are well windowed.

Bathmate Hydromax x40 is the third and final options that is available. This one is for even larger penises and provide the change to enhance the size of the penis by as much as 2.5 inches.

Do These Penis Pumps Work?

Each of these pumps are beneficial to the men who use them. They really work and it is up to you to determine which offers the best benefits. It is always  a good idea to compare the features so that you know what you are getting before any money is spent or exchanges hands, for more details go to

 Reviews: What others are saying:

Here is a sampling of three reviews, none of each penis pump. There are plenty more reviews where this came from and it is a good idea to take a look at some of those reviews. They are free and contain so much valuable information, so what you have to lose is nothing.

Doug C. of Honolulu, he said this: “I purchased the Hercules model of the Bathmate penis pump. Although I did not think that it was going to work, it did, and I now enjoy a bigger penis that makes sex more enjoyable for the both of us.”

Ronald P. of Vancouver also used the Bathmate, but he opted for the Hydromax x30. He was not disappointed and offered his opinion of the pump: “ At 28 years old it felt strange to use a penis pump but it is a decision that has done nothing but add value to my life. My sex life is immaculate and I am more than happy with the increased size that I have.”

Brandon L. of Seattle, WA is also happy that he chose to use the bathmate products. He purchased the bathmate Hydromax x40 and had this to say: “The hydromax x40 delivered on all of my expectations named then some. My penis size is increased and I could not believe it myself. My sex life is great and it is the penis pump that has made it all possible.”

Keep in mind that there are tons of free reviews  available on the web for you to talk advantage of if you are willing. These reviews offer advice and opinions on all three models of the Bathmate penis pimp. When it is increased size, longer sessions and more confidence that you desire, these pumps certainly deliver what you want and what you need.

Take a look at the reviews and what other people have to say before spending any of your money.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to spend a little or spend a lot, the Bathmate penis pumps have you covered. The three models available are worth your while and can help you attain phenomenal results in no time. This is the pump that is tried and true and really works when you want it to work.